Juggling, Breathing, and a Bit on Managing it All

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I’m a working mom. I have to hustle to manage all the many projects and happenings for our family of 5. Like all busy parents, it seems like I will never get it all done!  

More importantly, I have to keep the house from blowing up (literally and figuratively).

A bit of what I do:

  • manage work projects
  • research new projects
  • spend quality time with the kids
  • social media posts for the business
  • website work
  • house clean (clearly, not a favorite)
  • walk the dogs, cuddle the dogs
  • cook dinner
  • plan logistics and transportation for 9 after school activities
  • answer work emails and complete website orders
  • play referee
  • monitor the figurative oven  (and make sure none of the buns are over-cooked, under done, or burnt to a crisp!. Not that that ever happens.).  


    Coffee Brunch with Friends









    Reading, reflecting, learning, exercising, allowing for me-time, laughing, getting outdoors, and spending time with friends are all important too.





    Self-care is hard.  


    Although life can be overwhelming and hectic, I’ve learned I have to make the effort to be present in the moment. My 6 year old’s story is important...yes, even if I’ve heard it before. I have to live the cliche of stopping to smell the roses. I have to breathe.

    Good for the Soul Inspirational Quote


    When I remember these things, my stress and impatience decreases noticeably, and I can be a better mom, wife, business owner, teacher, friend, and steward.


    Life is made up a million meaningful moments.



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